Influence of MTN’S Project Fame Reality TV Show on the Social life of Youth

  • Yahaya MUHAMMAD
  • Alice JONAH Federal Polytechnic Bida
Keywords: MTN Project Fame, Realty TV show, Influence, youth


This study investigated the influence of MTN Project Fame reality TV show on the social life of youth from Lagos State. Four research questions guided the study with survey as the research design. Using a multi-stage sampling technique, a sample size of 384 was drawn from Lagos Island, Ikorodu and Mushin. With the aid of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), simple percentages, Mean standard deviation and Chi-Square test of independence were used for the analysis. Findings showed that even though the exposure to the programme is very frequent, the extent to which it influences the social life of youth was found to be low. This result largely contradicts most of the reviewed studies and also has implications on the social category and cultivation theories. The researcher recommends, among others, that further studies should be expanded to cover more states in Nigeria so as to allow for the generalization of the result.

Author Biography

Alice JONAH, Federal Polytechnic Bida

Department of Mass Communication

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