Imperatives of Advertising Regulation

  • Joe-Eugene Onuorah
Keywords: Council of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, advertising in Nigeria, modern marketing


For some time now, the constitution of the governing Council of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria has been problematic. Though the law establishing APCON specifies the composition of the Council, The Federal Government has attempted to constitute the Council without regards to the provisions of this law thereby creating impasse for the Council and the advertising industry it regulates. Meanwhile the regulatory policies and measures enunciated by APCON have been resisted or disdained by some segments of the industry and the public who believe that the mandate of APCON does not extend to their operations. This scenario brings to the fore the question about the necessity for the regulation of advertising and the effectiveness or otherwise of the structure and procedure adopted for the regulation of Advertising in Nigeria. This paper examines the justification for the regulation of Advertising, the options available for effectively regulating advertising, the method’s adopted and the hiccups encountered in regulating advertising in Nigeria. It concludes by suggesting that the dual and conflicting status of APCON as an industry regulator and professional Council may need to be separated to achieve more effective discharge of the consequential functions.

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