Warning Won’t Do It

Analysis of Communication Strategies for Enhancing Food Production in Nigeria

  • Anthony Ekwueme
  • Verlumun Celestine Gever
Keywords: agricultural communication, hunger and strategies, ACADA model


This study set out to explore the communication strategies for promoting agriculture in Nigeria and enhancing food production. A total of 32 postgraduate students from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (16 male and 16 female) provided narratives through a semi-structured interview that lasted between 30 minutes to one hour. Thematic analysis guide was used in the analysis of data for the study. The result showed that persuasive message contents which educate and inform emerged as an important strategy. It was also found that audience segmentation in agricultural communicating message is a very cardinal strategy. Finally, findings showed that strategic choice of media that takes care of the special needs of the target audience is a vibrant strategy for promoting agriculture and enhancing food production in Nigeria. Implications of these results on the ACADA model and media campaigns on agriculture were also pointed out.

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Ekwueme, A., & Gever, V. C. (2020). Warning Won’t Do It: Analysis of Communication Strategies for Enhancing Food Production in Nigeria. University of Nigeria Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication Studies , 21(2). Retrieved from https://journal.ijcunn.com/index.php/IJC/article/view/37