Peace Communication Software

Exploring the Neglected Eloquent Fidelity of Music and Dance

  • Elizabeth Onyeji University of Nigeria Nsukka
  • Christian Onyeji University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Keywords: Peace, global peace building, secondary sources, Music, Eloquent


That the global community is experiencing great upheaval and conflict is not in doubt. That nations of the world have made concerted efforts to stem rising conflicts is also not in doubt. That several hardware, war equipment and nuclear warheads have been developed, stored and deployed, in some cases, to crush rising tensions and growing conflicts is also well-known. That there is failure in the expected results from such attempts in establishing peace is unquestionable, given the continued lack of peace. With the rising devastating conflicts and fading away of global peace, security, human and material safety, the global community is challenged and constrained to seek alternative approaches to peace and stability. So far, diplomatic missions have failed to achieve the desired trust and cohesion they are meant for. Hardware deployed for suppression, forced peace and wars have also failed in the achievement of global peace. Instead, such attempts have stimulated and escalated national exclusions, displacements, cold war and real conflicts. The question remains whether peace, with its fragile nature, can be achieved by means of extreme deployment of hardware of war in human conflicts? The near impossibility of such attempts so far, recommends alternative sources of peace in consonance with the fragile nature of the peace phenomenon. Thus, this study explores peace, its fragile nature and the application and contributions of alternative soft and fragile art of music and dance in peace building across traditional and contemporary African societies and how they apply to the quest for global peace. Using the historical, descriptive and analytical designs as well as secondary sources and personal observations, the paper presents recommendations that highlight the potency of music and dance arts in global peace building.

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Elizabeth Onyeji, University of Nigeria Nsukka

Department of Music

Christian Onyeji, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Department of Music

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