The Nexus between Broadcasting and Popular Culture: A Taxonomical Discourse

  • Edith U. Ohaja
Keywords: Nexus, broadcasting, culture, Popular Culture, Influence


This study examined the relationship between broadcasting and popular culture in a taxonomicalmanner. Based on library research and personal observation, it assembled evidence of the bidirectional nexus between broadcasting and such classifications of popular culture as dramatic entertainment, reading culture, music/dance, fashion and celebrity obsession in Nigeria and beyond. The evidence gathered showed, inter alia, that broadcasting, particularly TV, has contributed to the promotion of reading culture, greater approval of careers in the performing arts for their children by parents and themainstreaming of homosexuality and other progressive love and family arrangements. On the other hand, the crusading by activist groups backed by powerful political and economic forces have caused an explosion in issues like transgenderism, leading to more trans visibility in broadcast programming. The paper recommends that broadcast stations should be more conscientious in their programming and confer celebrity status on laudable, more deserving achievers to ensure that their influence on popular culture is more uplifting than debasing. The foregoing, the paper suggests, will help them effectively function as agenda setters and accelerators of moral reorientation and societal development.

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