Audience Perception of Mass media Reports on Terrorism and Attacks in Nigeria

  • Susan Ikechukwu
  • Anthony Ekwueme
Keywords: Audience, Perception, Mass Media, Reports, Terrorism and Attacks.


The increasing terror attacks in Nigeria has secured several pages and air spaces of the media on daily basis, this is in a bid to update Nigerians on security situation of the country. This study was carried out to ascertain audience perception of mass media reports on terrorism and attacks in Nigeria.The study was anchored on Cognitive Dissonance Theory. Survey Research methodand in-depth interview were adopted for data collection. The population of study was infinite,while the sample size of 180 was obtained. The results were analyzed using frequency tables with percent. It was found thatgreater number of the respondents were exposed to media news on terrorism and attacksto a very large extent.Also, larger number of the respondents had the knowledge of media reports on terrorism and attacks to a very large extent. Part of the findings of this study is that media reports on terror attacks heighten the fear of the public. Therefore, these recommendations were made:There is a need for the governments to mount surveillance equipment at all nooks and crannies of the country to capture every movement of people including criminalities.Journalists should step up and carry investigative reports of terrorism activities among the military personnel, politicians and the perpetrators.Terrorism suspects should be openly tried at the court, and if found guilty, treated with the prescription of the Nigerian constitution. And there should be no dialogue and no secret release of suspects.The security bodies should be equipped with sophisticated arms to withstand any battle against the terror groups.

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