Influence of Customer Care Services on Consumers' Patronage of Mobile Telecommunications Networks

A Case Study of MTN

  • Adaobi I. Ojini
  • Edith U. Ohaja
Keywords: Customer care services, Customer satisfaction, Consumer patronage, Mobile networks, MTN


 The study examined the nature of customer care and its influence on consumer patronage of telecommunications networks in South-South Nigeria using MTN as a case study. Specifically, the study looked at the range of services offered by the Customer Care Unit of MTN, customers’ awareness and perception of MTN customer care service, overall influence of MTN customer care on consumers’ patronage and the challenges facing MTN Customer Care Unit in its service provision.The Expectancy-Disconfirmation Paradigm formed the theoretical framework. It helped to explain the discrepancies often experienced in a business environment, especially the ones specialising in service ventures like the telecommunications industry.  In conducting this study, the mixed method research design was used to generate both quantitative and qualitative data. The survey sample consisted of384 respondents drawn from three states from the South-South geo-political region and five MTN customer care executives were interviewed. The quantitative data were analysed using mean and standard deviation while the qualitative data were analysed with the explanation building model. Findings reveal that MTN customershave relatively good rapport with the customer care staff but the nature of customer care is not fully known by some of these staff.Results also showthat the Nigerian environment does not support excellent customer care services.  The study recommends that organisations should understand what customer care is all about and they should recruit employees who are passionate about customer service.Also,Customer Care Representatives should be given access to the various applications used in resolving customer issues, to ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately, consumer patronage, because satisfied customers do repeat purchases and referrals for a business.


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