Communicative Potentials of Diction in Olu Obafemi’s Wheels

  • admin2020 admin2020
Keywords: diction, style, literary communication, revolutionary aesthetics, Marxist elements.


The study began with the definitions of literary communication, style, and diction. The introductory part stated that diction as an element of communication could be realized through style and literary communication. The triad of diction, style, and literary communication interweave to convey the message of the writer. In this study, the researcher adopted eclectic procedure, using a model of literary stylistics and a principle of Marxism for textual analysis. The passages that were sampled for analysis were those with elements of Marxism and revolutionary aesthetics. The analysis reveals the themes of injustice and inequality, social stratification, exploitation, deprivation, oppression, poverty, etc in the novel.

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